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BERNINA International AG has been one of the world's leading sewing and embroidery machine manufacturers for more than 120 years. The Swiss family-owned company's products are synonymous with innovation and precision. Above all, they are known for their durability. BERNINA sewing machines are used worldwide by women with a passion for sewing. Our passion is the development of products that allow you to put your creative ideas into practice. Here, you can find out what makes BERNINA special and learn about our values and our philosophy. We are proud of the fact that we are the only sewing machine manufacturer still producing in the western world. At our headquarters in Steckborn, Switzerland, we can look back on a tradition that dates back more than 120 years.
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7-8 Series EMB Module




Bernina B 590


Bernina 1008


Bernina 1150MDA


Bernina 500

$3,899.00 $4,299.00

Bernina 790 Plus


Bernina B 790 Plus **125th AE**


Bernina B475


Bernina B480

$2,199.00 $2,799.00

Bernina B560

$2,999.00 $3,399.00

Bernina B570 QE

$3,999.00 $4,999.00

Bernina B580 E


Bernina B700 E

$5,499.00 $5,999.00

Bernina B770

$5,499.00 $6,499.00

Bernina B880

$8,499.00 $11,999.00

Bernina B880 E

$9,999.00 $13,999.00

Bernina L 220

$1,099.00 $1,299.00



Bernina L 460 Overlock

$1,299.00 $1,699.00

Q24 w/ Frame

$19,999.00 $21,999.00

Q24 w/ Frame & Q-matic